Promoting Change: Efforts, Resources and Projects

The disciplines of change and project management bring critical structure for implementing results, because getting the team on board on change management can make for an initiative, although there are some obstacles we face, as well as some key factors to help you bring them together. We have researched management practices by asking our participants of the single contributor to the success of the program, which collectively responded with some straightforward factors and best practices over the past years. Our article will provide you with a review of managing projects and specific elements of a change from initiation to close out.


Gain awareness

The key is to make management real by focusing on the ability to deliver the results through adoption of the solution and, since many leaders are concerned with being on budget, an effective pitch shows that by managing the change, projects are more likely to be on budget. Project teams could perceive change as overhead that eats into the budget and may lack an awareness of the value provided, so change management must be viewed as a component of delivery, which means making a case that directly connects to the project.


Even when change and project management are applied, they may not be integrated, so when talking about the keys to integration, the essentials must in place in order for integration to occur and the project team must be responsible for delivering results and not just for flipping the switch. To mobilize a visible sponsor, apply a change management approach with employees, communicate openly and engage with middle managers are some contributors we have identified with the help of experienced project executives and participants in more than four years of applying change management. We are beings of comfort, so a large-scale change is not often well-received when it affects an entire organization’s preference, which is why most change initiatives fail and employees which faced with changes develop a fatigue that makes the waves of thought tiresome.

Have a positive leader who guides through change

With effective sponsorship, projects are more likely to exceed objectives, so if you are not sure how to become visible or not sure what visible means, find out more of the sponsor’s role. Participants used the key words visible and active, which means that the sponsor is giving attention to the need for change by motivating others, making influential decisions and aligning priorities in the organization.


The shared focus on outcomes is the cornerstone of integrating the people side, as project management brings a set of deliverable, as well as structure, although it is difficult to integrate activities into a delivery approach. Change management is a process for which many areas need to work in order to make sure the resources are facilitating a change initiative, while project management provides the tools to make sure it is developed and delivered to stakeholders, so that the following benefits are realized: the stakeholders’ concerns are addressed, a thought-out plan and approach facilitates buy-in and the flow is improved.

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